The Armenian Diaspora

This book is a case study of the Armenian community in Manchester, England. It examines the complex social and political processes at play that maintain and shape Armenian identity. The author uses a comparative analysis in order to understand other Armenian communities throughout the world and other self-defined diaspora groups. She introduces the study by her definition of the diaspora and an examination of classic and contemporary theories of ethnicity while she outlines how we construct our sense of identity in different settings. A narration of the long, rich, and often traumatic Armenian history is followed by a close look at how Armenian successfully balance lives rooted in a particular territory while sharing very different cultural and social spaces. Their experience emphasizes their ability to combine resources and networks from multiple locations (transnationally) in order to maximize their freedom and independence from the confines of any nation.

The Armenian Diaspora

  • Denise Aghanian


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New York, NY 10016





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