The Survivor

Set in the early 1900s, The Survivor is a tender and sensitive story of a young girl caught in the crossfire of family traditions and political unrest. She wishes for an education, but she marries instead, as demanded by tradition, and is happy as a new bride, living in luxury, with a devoted husband. The war and its consequences shatter her life, transforming her into a member of the living dead. Yet she continues living and struggles hard to educate her only daughter, her sole reminder of a deep love and glorious past.


This unique book is the true story of a young woman who witnessed unspeakable horrors, yet remained calm and peaceful. She survived and moved beyond the tragedies of life without complaint in order to help her daughter and grandchildren.


The survivor expresses herself only through deep silence and calm. She becomes a caring mother and a loving grandmother. For the remainder of her life she hears only a single voice, in her ears and in her soul, the last sound her husband had uttered before his death: "Ah."


Although the events in this book take place a century ago, the many sociological issues and deep-felt emotions are timely ever present and still true in this millennium.

The Survivor

  • Cohen, Dr. Rosemary H.


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